8.25 how to unroll many orders of gold and how to operate the crude oil market today

Investment is a long-term process, with happiness, heartache and even pain sometimes. But this is investment, not only to make money, but also to cultivate the awareness of making money and the use of funds. No matter you are operating alone or following the teacher, I hope you can avoid making mistakes in these avoidable mistakes. You can see that my post is a kind of fate, and I firmly believe in fate. I am not an analyst, I am a sincere friend, and I hope to help you as much as possible!

Gold News Analysis: this week’s gold trend focuses on the speech of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, who will make a speech on the evaluation of monetary policy, which may be the next important catalyst for gold. If the Fed chairman, Jerome Powell, signals increased tolerance for inflation above the target level, real bond yields will fall further, a new round of selling of the US dollar will occur, and gold may regain its momentum and return to a record high of $2075 / oz. If Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell does not provide clear guidance, the dollar’s oversold rebound may gather momentum. In this case, gold could fall below the trend line of the five-month rally. Therefore, the hidden price of gold increases sharply and falls sharply at any time Gold follow-up market is just a matter of time to wait, but investors should also pay attention to the investment risk, do not blindly chase high chase down.

International gold market analysis: gold from the disk shape, the daily line brin belt presents a flat state, average back and forth crisscross, K line is Yin and Yang alternating, overall continuity is poor, short-term shape is more shock treatment. However, the key is to pay attention to the turning point of gold price. Spot gold as a whole has always retained the structural horizontal adjustment trend, and the medium-term trend continues to be consolidated. Since today, the gold price has been short-term low and rebounded in 1930. The overall situation is more like the range arrangement within the structure. Although there was a large-scale rebound in the afternoon, it failed to break through the suppression positions of 1950 and 1955 and turned to a small decline, and remained above the 1940 level. On the eve of the U.S. market, gold fell back, and then began to rise again, rising to the top of the 1961 line. However, this gold price rise failed to stop the rise. After reaching a high, it began to fall back in shock. By the end of writing, the lowest gold price fell to the first line of 1937.

At present, the general trend of the daily structure of gold has always been under pressure, and it is difficult to get rid of the shock adjustment expectation. The resistance at the top still comes from the two highs of 1965 and 1975, while the support level at the bottom is constantly moving up. Tonight, we will continue to pay attention to the 1930 level and 1927 level, hold these two positions, the gold tends to be strong shock, the continuous break position, the strong shock of gold will end, and will enter the weak shock market. The lower part needs to pay attention to the strength of 1924 and 1920 It’s over. Then in operation, we need to find support position to stabilize and do more, suppress position to short! On the whole, Chen Wenlong’s personal suggestion on the short-term operation of gold at midnight today is mainly to rebound from high altitude, supplemented by callback and long-term operation. In the short-term, the upper part focuses on the first-line resistance from 1945 to 1950, and the lower part focuses on the first-line support from 1920 to 1915.

The latest operation suggestions of gold:

  1. Gold above the rebound does not break 1943-1945 line short, stop loss 4 US dollars, the target to see 1930-1928 line;
  2. Gold can not step down the 1920-1922 line, stop loss of $4, the target of 1933-1935 line;
  3. The strategy is for reference only. The real-time change of the market between the plates is subject to the real offer of Chen Wenlong’s wechat (cw7246);

Crude oil news analysis: crude oil demand is gradually improving, or pushing oil prices up. On the one hand, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister said that global oil demand would return to 97% of the level before the new epidemic by the end of the year; on the other hand, the recent announcement that the two crude oil inventories in the United States had recorded a decline, especially the sharp decrease of 3.322 million barrels of gasoline inventory, suggesting that the crude oil market demand prospect is better, or it may provide significant support for oil prices.

U.S. crude oil market analysis: gold from the daily line, brin belt contraction slightly upward, Ma5 and ma10 moving average stick to the right, large cycle moving average long run in the bottom to form a support, K line intersects between the upper track of Brin, MACD fast and slow line is located above the zero axis, the KDJ three line is a golden fork narrow mouth, moderate upward, the overall performance of the daily chart market is more volatile At present, the 40.5 front line has become an important support area today. In 4 hours, the crude oil started to rush down yesterday. The short-term pierced the upper rail and then fell to the lower part of the middle rail. The current market is in the recovery, but it is hindered by the middle rail. At present, the brin belt is in the opening period. The Ma average is about to go out of the double dead end. The KDJ random index three line forward, reaching the oversold, MACD index green kinetic energy column Continued volume, fast and slow line dead fork down, after a sharp fall after the short-term rebound. In summary, Chen Wenlong suggested that the short-term operation of crude oil at midnight should focus on callback and long-term operation, supplemented by high-altitude rebound. The upper part should focus on 43.5-44.0 first-line resistance in the short-term, while the lower part should focus on 42.0-41.5-line support in the short-term.

Latest operation suggestions for crude oil:

  1. Crude oil rebounded above the 43.3-43.5 line short, stop loss 0.4 US dollars, the target of 42.6-42.4 line;
  2. Under the crude oil, it can not break the 41.8-42.0 line, stop loss is 0.4 US dollars, and the target is 42.8-43.0 line;

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