Xbiotech( XBIT.US ?The antibody detection technique can be used in covid-19 blood therapy

On Monday, August 24, xbiotech closed at 20:59 before U.S. stock trading? XBIT.US ?It rose 18.74% to $27.8.

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an emergency use authorization (EUA), which allows convalescent plasma (CCP) of covid-19 patients to be used as a therapeutic drug. This means that xbiotech’s technology for identifying CCP antibodies can be used to produce drugs for the treatment of covid-19.

It is understood that xbiotech, in cooperation with Biobridge global, has developed a test to accurately detect the covid-19 antibody in patients’ blood. Biobridge global relies on xbiotech’s detection technology to identify convalescent plasma from patients with covid-19, and then uses the recovered plasma to produce natural immune blood products for the treatment of hospitalized patients.

Prior to this, preliminary FDA studies have shown that convalescent plasma is safe and effective for the treatment of covid-19, and the survival rate of patients after 30 days of plasma treatment has increased by 35%. So far, about 70000 patients have been treated without any safety problems. This data strongly supports xbiotech’s method and technology of extracting therapeutic antibodies from convalescent blood.

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