In the opening episode of season five of Californication Hank is wearing a pair of Persol 714 sunglasses. These glasses are real classic. This is what Persol says on their homepage:

“Introduced in the 1960s, the Persol 714 was a folding adaptation of the famous 649 and was perhaps the first-ever collapsable pair of glasses. The 714 was made famous by Steve McQueen who wore them in “The Thomas Crown Affair” and are still today among the most popular and fashionable of sunglasses.”

You can get these Hank Moody Persol 714 sunglasses on Amazon here: Persol PO0714 24/57 Size 54mm Sunglasses. Hank is wearing the Havana frame/brown glass version but they are also available in black.

This is how foldable they are

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